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01/03/2014 17:14

Roman road in İzmir’s ancient site Agora opens

A two-way 60-meter ancient Roman road, which was unearthed in the north of İzmir’s ancient site Agora, has been opened to visits. Tourists who come to Agora after the tourism season begins will be able to enter the ancient city through this road. The excavations in the area are being carried out...
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01/03/2014 17:03

Ottoman tower tops list of buildings made with bones

A tower built by an Ottoman general from the skulls of his enemies in Serbia has topped the list of “World’s Greatest Osteological Marvels,” according to U.S. website Here is the full list published by Mental Floss's popular blog: 1. The Skull Tower of Niš Using the skulls of...
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01/03/2014 17:01

Trans-Anatolia Gas Pipeline ‘to create jobs across Turkey’

The Trans-Anatolia Gas Pipeline (TANAP), the gas pipeline project that will carry Azerbaijani natural gas to Europe through Turkey, will create 5,000 jobs in 21 provinces in Turkey, the energy minister has said. Speaking to reporters on Feb. 28, Energy Minister Taner Yıldız said the TANAP was...
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28/02/2014 13:44

Ancient Ephesus city introduced at a conference in New York

The ancient city of Ephesus was recently promoted in New York at a conference given by New York University (NYU) Aphrodisias excavations field director Dr. Alexander Sokolicek. Hosted by National Arts Club Archaeology Committee Chairman Michele A. F. Kidwell, the conference drew students and...
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28/02/2014 13:40

Quake-hit ancient city of Tralleis being restored

The ancient city of Tralleis in Aydın is being restored after suffering damage through ages of heavy seismic activity. When the work is complete, the ancient city will be able to host many more tourists Robbed of its place in the annals of history by a series of earthquakes, the ancient city of...
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28/02/2014 13:15

Tanpınar museum and library: Shrine for Turkish literature

The Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature Museum Library in Istanbul is housed in a historical 16th century building close to the Topkapı Palace and dedicated to Turkish literature. The museum is named after renowned 20th century Turkish author, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, one of the most formative figures in...
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22/02/2014 01:36

Summer gives a preview

With temperatures reaching up to 18 degrees celcius and the humidity reaching 61% a nice pre-spring has arrived in Alanya this February. Alanya Meteorology Directorate has declared that this weather will stay until Sunday to be followed with rain from Monday. But in the mean time... the locals and...
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13/02/2014 08:52

Neolithic Age and UNESCO in Turkey

The ancient settlement of Çatalhöyük will host international experts of the Neolithic Age for a meeting in April. The event hopes to draw the world’s attention to Turkey’s Neolithic culture. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will bring together...
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08/02/2014 16:41

Ballet on life of sultan to premiere in Antalya

The Antalya State Opera and Ballet (ANTDOB) will stage a new ballet work, “Murad V.” The libretto of the show was written by musicologist Murat Arıcı and the choreography was conceived by Armağan Davran and Volkan Ersoy. The ballet will be on stage at the Haşim İşcan Culture Center on Feb. 15 and...
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08/02/2014 16:37

Artifacts from ancient site Ani on view at Kars Museum

Objects unearthed during excavations in the ancient Ani, as well as metal work, glass work and coins are on display at the Kars Museum Ancient pieces that have been unearthed since 1965 during excavations at the ancient site of Ani, which is located between the border of Armenia and the eastern...
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