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16/01/2014 10:29

Turkey finds oil in well at Iraqi border

Turkish state-run petroleum company TPAO has discovered oil at a high gravity well in the eastern province of Şırnak’s Silopi district located on the Iraqi border of the country. “The oil at the well is at the value of the neighboring country’s [Iraq] oil but the test studies for the daily...
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16/01/2014 10:25

Roman era tunnels found under Turkish second largest castle

In the Northern province of the Tokat’s Niksar district two secret tunnels have been discovered under Turkey’s second largest castle. Dating back to the Roman area, historians claim one of the tunnels was used by a Roman Princess to walk to her bathing place in the Çanakçi stream area. In the 6.2...
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10/01/2014 18:07

Turkish wall-painting possibly holds oldest discovered map

Recent research shows that a wall-painting in Turkey might contain world’s oldest map. In a 9000 year old ruin, nearby the old Turkish village Çatalhöyük, the wall-painting has been made in the same period an eruption occurred of the nearby volcano Hasan Dağı. Because of this discovery it has...
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16/12/2013 00:00

Turkey will take back illegal immigrants from the EU

Illegal immigrants that managed to sneak into the EU through Turkey shall be taken back by Turkey. An agreement concerning this matter was signed today in the capital of Turkey, Ankara. As a consideration for Turkish willingness to take care of this matter, the EU has announced that they will now...
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04/12/2013 00:00

Meeting in Bruxelles

The Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmet Davutoglu, has announced on 04/12/2013, in Bruxelles in Belgium, after a meeting with a commission from the European Union that Turkish citizens will be able to travel inside Europe without the need of a visa within 3,5 years. The commission from...
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02/12/2013 00:00

Gökçay Sitesi

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01/12/2013 00:00

Buying property in Turkey: Guide for foreigners

Many things has been said and written about buying property in Turkey. There is one source that is the main source for what is told, and that is Ministry of Foreign Affairs. JOURNAL brings you a copy of their guide for foreigners to buy property in Turkey. This guide is prepared to help foreigners...
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