Turkey will take back illegal immigrants from the EU

16/12/2013 00:00

Illegal immigrants that managed to sneak into the EU through Turkey shall be taken back by Turkey. An agreement concerning this matter was signed today in the capital of Turkey, Ankara.

As a consideration for Turkish willingness to take care of this matter, the EU has announced that they will now start negotiations with Turkey concerning its citizens traveling without a visa through the EU.

The illegal immigrant agreements, and the promise to start negotiations concerning Turkish citizens travelling visa free within the EU, were made a few weeks ago in Bruxelles and now is a fact.

Both parties commented today to be a historical day in the EU ~ Turkey relations.

The EU has been asking Turkey for years to take back the illegal immigrants that reach the EU through Turkish territory. Amongst others, Syrian and Iranian refugees enter the EU through Turkey.

Turkey hopes that within maximum 3,5 years the visa requirements for Turkish citizens travelling in the EU shall be abolished.