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Do you have an apartment or a house for sale?

JOURNAL has made "For Sale" for those of you, who wants to present a better profile of property you are offering for sale.

We make sure that your customers will get maximum information about the surroundings and facilities connected to your property. This is based on or local knowledge.

What we need from you:

- Completed form - see below

- Photos in jpg format - maximum 8 photos can be posted together with the form

The price for this advertisement is 10 TL pr month. You can choose advertisement from 1 to 6 months, then 9, 12, 24 or 36 months. The last 2 alternatives have a discount.

We use PayPal as payment service. When payment is received, the advertismenet will be active on the website.

Some of you might have a real estate broker that will assist you through the sales process. It is not obliged to use a broker in Turkey, but it is wise to do so if you do not have knowledge about contracts, procedures or can show the property yourself.

If you have an agreement with a broker already, we have made an additional form for you to fill in.

Poperty for Sale

Information about Real Estate Broker

Most be completed if broker is used for selling of the property

Payment - choose number of months
Antall mnd - No of months