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06/02/2015 15:00


Tulip or in Botany Tulipa, derived from the Turkish word tulbend or turban, which the flower resembles, is the national flower of Turkey.
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01/08/2014 10:24

Work accelerated at Ephesus for UNESCO

Dating back to the 6th century B.C., Ephesus hosts around 2 million tourists every year. Officials are now trying hard to meet UNESCO requirements. The ancient city of Ephesus in İzmir has yet to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the site failing the meet the required standards,...
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28/07/2014 12:26

Ramadan protocol in the Ottoman Empire

The Ottomans were much more inclined to stay up the whole of the night after they had broken their fast in the evening. After all, sahur or breakfast had to be eaten before the dawn of a new day broke. They had ways of staying awake from eating late to enjoying entertainments of different...
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16/07/2014 09:13

Troy ancient city to have green museum constructed

When it is completely finished, the Troy Museum will be a nominee for many architectural awards, according to the construction company officials. The half of the museum construction that was started a year ago in the ancient city of Troy in the western province of Çanakkale has been finished. When...
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16/07/2014 09:08

Ara Güler’s ‘Anatolia’ captures a disappearing past

This is the last week to catch Ara Güler’s never-before-seen works, on display at the Smithsonian in Washington DC since the end of last year. The photographs are all taken in the 1960s and include important Anatolian sites as the Nemrut Mountains. Ara Güler is known as one of Turkey’s most...
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14/07/2014 01:05

World Champion Football 2014

Germany won the World Cup on Sunday for the fourth time, defeating Argentina, 1-0, in the final. The crowd was overwhelmingly in support of Argentina, as more than 100,000 Argentines flooded over the border and coated Rio in a sea of blue. It hardly mattered to Germany, though. Mario Götze scored...
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03/07/2014 16:19

Ankara-Istanbul high speed train will open July 11

The long-awaited high-speed railway line between Ankara and Istanbul will be opened on July 11, Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan said on July 2. The opening of the line, which was postponed in May after signaling cables were cut and stolen, will cut the journey time between the two cities to three...
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02/07/2014 12:51

Skeletons found in Roman tomb in Muğla

Six skeletons are estimated to belong to the members of the same family. A Roman tomb has been discovered during infrastructure works carried out by a private company in the western province of Muğla. Six skeletons, 13 bottles, a couple of earrings and a mirror were found inside the tomb. The...
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02/07/2014 12:45

The forgotten islands of Turkey: Marmara

In the Sea of Marmara lies the Island of Marmara, unfettered and nearly forgotten, it remains an authentic safe haven away from tourists, touristic things; yet full of a tourist’s dreams When you ask people about the islands in Turkey, they generally come up with just two or three islands:...
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11/06/2014 16:45

Alcohol Advertisement Banned in Turkey

ANKARA/ISTANBUL - In entire Turkey it is illegal to advertise for alcoholic beverages since today, Wednesday 11.06.2014. In bars, restaurants, super markets, every where the advertisement material has to be removed. Alcohol producers also can't function as sponsors anymore. Logo's are to...
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