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10/06/2014 12:05

Centuries-old church rescued in Cappadocia

The Red Church was listed as one of the 100 World Heritage sites in danger in 2008. After its dome, the other parts of the church will also be restored to attract tourists. The roof of a 1,500-year-old church in the central Anatolian region of Cappadocia has begun to be restored before its...
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09/06/2014 13:33

Turkey breaks ground on 'world's largest airport'

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has described Istanbul’s third airport at its groundbreaking ceremony as 'a monument of victory'. The five companies which won the tender thanked Erdoğan by presenting a plaque at the ceremony on June 7. The construction of the world’s largest airport...
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01/06/2014 10:41

Century-old house in ancient city of Stratonikeia to become museum

Significant artifacts unearthed in the ancient city will be displayed in the museum. The Hasan Şar House, a century-old building that has served as an excavation house and museum depot in the ancient city of Stratonikeia in the western province of Muğla’s Yatağan, will be restored by the Muğla...
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01/06/2014 10:34

Fueling the Ottoman empire with what lies beneath: Coal

Coal was discovered in the Ottoman Empire relatively lately, but administrators soon started extracting it in a move toward industrialization The coal that was being mined during the interval between 1829 and 1858 came from a number of small privately owned mines that had sprang up. Sometime...
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14/05/2014 16:41

Turkey expects 45 million Tourists in 2014

President of the Turkish Traders and Craftsmen Confederation, Bendevi Palandöken, expects that 45 million tourists shall choose Turkey as their holiday destination. In 2013 the number of tourists visiting Turkey increased with 7,6% reaching a staggering number of almost 40 million. Income from the...
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13/05/2014 07:04

Første kvinne til å lede FN-misjon - og hun er fra Norge -/- First woman to lead UN-Mission - and she is from Norway

I dag har FN utnevnt en kvinne til å lede et fredsoppdrag, og det er første gang en kvinne har fått dette ansvaret. Generalsekretær Ban Ki-moon utnevnte den norske generalen Kristin Lund som sjef for FNs fredsoppdrag på Kypros. Den 13 august 2014 skal hun erstatte den nåværende kommandanten,...
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04/05/2014 16:14

Excavations unearth basilica in Bursa

Bursa has a new claim to fame in terms of its historical richness following the discovery of a Roman-era basilica found along the city’s walls The basilica unearthed in Bursa served both as a court and a religious structure in the early Roman era. Excavations at a tower in the Tophane portion of...
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04/05/2014 16:10

The 'tree of life' – an enduring symbol

Yörük prayer kilim with tree of life design. Early 20th century. Did the idea of a world tree or tree of life, present in the mythology of the human race, arise from the millions of years that evolutionary biology states human beings lived in trees as primates? The tree supports the heavens and...
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10/04/2014 20:56

TAV Construction named top contractor of region

TAV Construction has undertaken $11-billion worth projects in the region. Turkey’s TAV Construction has been named as the “Best Airport Contractor of the Year” at Emerging Markets Airport Awards, championing among top players of the aviation sector. The contractor that has undertaken $11-billion...
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09/04/2014 12:58

Nature’s fridges keeping stuff cool in Cappadocia

We are going through a couple of cold days again. It looks as if spring is playing a game with us; first, it makes us happy with a couple of beautiful sunny days and then, all of a sudden, big black clouds, the temperatures drop and I am getting directly back in my winter psychology again. But I...
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