Turkey expects 45 million Tourists in 2014

14/05/2014 16:41

President of the Turkish Traders and Craftsmen Confederation, Bendevi Palandöken, expects that 45 million tourists shall choose Turkey as their holiday destination.

In 2013 the number of tourists visiting Turkey increased with 7,6% reaching a staggering number of almost 40 million. Income from the Tourist sector increased with 11,4% to 32,5 billion US Dollar. At the moment 1,5 million Turkish people are employed in Tourism in Turkey.

Cruise holidays extremely popular

The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies also released a very promising report. Stating that they expect 22 million tourists to take cruises from, to or via Turkey. This growth in the cruise sector they mainly associate with the economic situation in Greece. Many cruise ships already departed from Greece over the years and with the prices being toned down a real run on tickets has begun.