Turkey finds oil in well at Iraqi border

16/01/2014 10:29

Turkish state-run petroleum company TPAO has discovered oil at a high gravity well in the eastern province of Şırnak’s Silopi district located on the Iraqi border of the country.

“The oil at the well is at the value of the neighboring country’s [Iraq] oil but the test studies for the daily capacity will be completed within this week,” TPAO Batman Regional Director Gökhan Akın said.

The TPAO began oil exploration operations at the Çalışkan-1 well in Silopi six months ago.

High-gravity oil was found at 2,900-meter depth as a result of the drilling activities conducted one kilometer away from Hezil Creek.

Akın said this was the first discovery of high gravity oil at the border.

“Sometimes water is also encountered in high-gravity oil and the capacity of it will be cleared within a week,” he stressed, celebrating the TPAO for the discovery succeeded in tough working conditions.