First Turkish ballet on Antalya stage

09/04/2014 12:55

The Antalya State Opera and Ballet (ANTDOB) has revised the first and only Turkish ballet in the world repertoire, “Judith,” and now will once again bring it to the stage.

The ballet premiered last night at the Haşim İşcan Culture Center. The ballet’s music was performed by Çetin Işıözlü and the libretto was written by Medeia Magalashvili. Işıközlü dedicated the ballet, which was his first work, to his ballerina wife Işıl Işıközlü. The first choreography of the one-act ballet was designed by Alfred Rodrigues. This time, it will be staged by Nugzar and Medeia Magalashvili.

The ballet, which was previously staged by famous choreographers such as Frenc Suba and Rene Pegliasco and performed by famous dancers like James Urbai, is the first and only Turkish ballet to have entered the world’s repertoire. The orchestra chief of the ballet is Hakan Kalkan.

The ballet will be on stage on April 10, 12, and 19.


The Antakya State Opera and Ballet is staging the one-act ballet ‘Judith.’