JOURNAL is a monthly newspaper focused on bringing informative and positive news focused on Turkey. The newspaper is released in both English and Norwegian.

As foreigners ourselves, our main focus is gathering news that proofs interesting for other foreigners, both tourists and home owners. To gather this news we are in an unique position as members of the Turkish society due to our permanent residence in the Alanya region. We are a small, but devoted, group of freelancers who put this paper together every month.

We write about our own experiences as living as foreigners in Turkey and add to that important news (mostly) related to people just like ourselves. And for fun reading we present a variety in subjects like history, food, local customs and so on.

In June 2011 we started under another name and from August 2013 we finally arrived at the founding of JOURNAL. Next to a written newspaper and our online content we have carefully taken our first steps into the world of JOURNAL-TV.

We are a big supporter, and one of our own is the founder, of Barnas Brobygger. An integer and non-profit charity organization that is focused on helping and guiding less privileged single mothers and children into, hopefully, a better life.

This cannot be done without the great support we already receive from various establishments like Mahmutlars Venner, Central Park and Tyrkiafryd. On top of that there is a large group of individuals who collect useful items (like clothes, blankets, toys, school equipment and so on) and even some of them became foster parents of some of the families that are supported.

But more help is always needed, so please check out their website at

JOURNAL is a part of Pro Admin AS, Norway.